Big Love Ball

Big Love Ball

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Big Love Ball

The Big Love Ball is an irresistible invitation to connect. A message of inclusion and compassion too big to ignore.  The Big Love Ball is the best gift, party accessory or personal statement...You'll never regret this purchase!

Available in three sizes; 2ft, 3ft and 5ft.


White/Tabula Rasa - An absence of preconceived ideas or predetermined goals. A clean slate (!). The human mind, especially at birth, in its blank or empty state before exposure to outside impressions or social constructs.

Pink/Fembot: Bottom lip. Inner peony. Consenting Japanese orchid. Boned corset of flying Queen B. Pink tulle, her tool. Haute pink. Wet pink. Mother pink. Pick up her hand pink. Pink shield. Pink yield. Lest we forget Suffragette. Strong female pink. Amp up or lay soft. Pink.

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