Bird Nest Bowl

Bird Nest Bowl


St. Frank

This basket was handwoven in rural Madagascar from the dried root of the vetiver grass. Vetiver is a tropical grass grown on the island of Madagascar with an extensive root system that helps to alleviate soil erosion and prevent water runoff. As a result, vetiver has contributed to the conservation and restoration of agricultural lands on the island. The use of the vetiver root for crafts, such as this basket, have provided farmers with a secondary source of income.

Size & Material:

  • 13”D x 5”H

  • Hand carved from the dried root of the vetiver grass.

  • This item will ship on or before 2/10/19

*Please note that as unique, handmade art, no two pieces are ever exactly the same and color varies across monitors. Our website photos are a close representation of this work, but may not be identical to the piece you receive.

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